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I dreamt with a boy,

I could hold him, pass my hand through his hair.  

A boy that everytime had a surprise, a gesture for me.  

He had an incredable beauty inside his heart and a voice that gave peace for all.  

Once more he made me cry, not for sadness, for emotion.  

He wasn't a star, he was a great simple person.

I wish God bless him forever.  

This boy is real, he is a man and his name is Morten Harket.  


By: Karin Földes    (






I'm still-born
and people forgot me
where the streets become eternal night.
their motos
runs though the fog, overcoming me
I don't know who they was.
I walk alone to the sea-front
I dress a jacket, it doesn't mine
and remember a boy playing a keyboard.
I follow the voice of the wind
the one that listens to me
and I see tears run on your face.
You tried to speak, I know
an old man, touched by cold, told me it
I hear your cries now.
Someone calls me, from another world
I wake up, I'm sitting near the table
I dreamed with yours diary open.





Summer calls
sweet music
and romantic words,
when the mythies come back.
Three friends
an old dream
way to paradise, you'll find again it.
Not for dance
but to dream,
not for love
but to remember.


Veronika (



"Come back"


Many things passed and now

I only can say one thing:



Come back like the sun that

backs every day,


Come back like winter that

backs brigging sttronger

this cold,


Come back to a country that

I know, you love,


Come back for the people that

love you like their proper lives,


After all this, I still repeat for you

don't forget:




By Karin Földes


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